The Cookie

A Patent Pending Arch Support

Designed so your feet can lower our carbon footprint. Alternative materials and additive manufacturing techniques produce less waste than foams and gels from a factory. Don't toss out your existing insole before you try customizing it.

  • Non-slip texture based on a unique lattice structure discovered by NASA scientists

  • Breathable geometric composition increases flexibility of the TPU polymer

  • Washable mesh construction doesn't trap water or sweat

  • Irregular, oblique shape supports multiple foot types

  • Support is derived from proven materials combined with the most recent advances in Materials Science

  • 100% produced in the USA by a veteran owned company

The Cookie is a Patent Pending arch support designed by Project Biotech's founder, who is an engineer and avid marathon runner.

Similar products are sometimes called an arch cookie or a scaphoid pad. The Cookie is a sustainable product, uniquely designed so your feet can lower our carbon footprint. Don't toss out your existing insole before you try customizing it. What is a “Scaphoid pad” or arch cookie? They’re both terms for a small type of arch support. The term scaphoid is an older term used to describe the navicular bone. It’s the bone at the top of the arch and is often called the keystone of the arch. And the term cookie cleverly refers to size and shape.

Unlike conventional foam or gel arch supports, The Cookie isn’t mass produced. Industrial waste is eliminated, and the environmental impact is reduced, by using alternative materials and additive manufacturing techniques. We prefer a material-saving texture based on a unique lattice structure discovered by NASA scientists in the 1970s.

The mesh structure means you can wash it without trapping water inside. Our unique geometric surface creates a breathable structure, that when combined with the polymer material, can be cleaned by a variety of household methods. Launder with your shoes or insoles and replace before the mesh frays for best performance. (Like most running shoes, we recommend a new pair after about 600 miles)

The Cookie supports every foot type. See the beta tester feedback for yourself. Use the sizing chart as a guide and follow the directions for best fit. When you’re done with the packaging, we recommend recycling over composting.

The Patent Pending Technology

The Cookie's Patent Pending technology combines two distinct features: It's composed of Thermoplastic Polyurethane ergonomically shaped with the strength of a gyroid geometric lattice.


Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is proven as an exceptional material in the manufacture of shoes, insole, and a variety of supports where performance is desirable. In sports performance research, TPU showed improved running economy over standard insoles and better propulsive load over EVA material. That's what makes The Cookie stand out.


The TPU material is enhanced thanks to a geometric shape known as a gyroid surface. Discovered by NASA, this structure was proven by MIT research to provide up to 10x more compressive strength than a solid material. Additionally, a gyroid base provides 7% more compressive strength over a honeycomb base and 10% than a diamond-shaped base.

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